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MARCH 2013 | Mon 25 Mar 2013

Various |

"I have enjoyed the day very much. The activities were great but I think I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere the most."
"I thought the day was well organised – keep up the good work".
"Thought provoking but I don‘t agree with the answers, the questions were meaningful but I have come to a different conclusion".
"Video presentations very good and good use of Darren Brown and bucket list".
"Thought provoking, simple to understand"
"Interesting, well thought out"
"The talks were very good! I liked them and they were thought provoking and engaging".
"I like the range of activities and the talks. I‘m also pleased with the reception and help we had throughout the day. Brilliant!"
"Good food for thought re – assess where I am at along the Christian walk."
"Impressed, takes me back to when I became a Christian and why I should do more to reach out to people".
"Way beyond reaching to people, the video short , precise and thought provoking. A very effective tool for reaching out in modern day life".
"Mix of thought provoking and re-education. Even though I‘m a Christian, been so for 9 years, I still like asking and hearing for re-confirming of my faith."
"As a believer they were encouraging. But for a non-believer I think that they would make you thing about the meaning of life".
"Enjoyed the talks and videos"
"More interesting than I thought"
"Though the presentation was good, plus excellent P.A."

SEPTEMBER 2012 | Mon 25 Mar 2013

Edith |

I think I suprised myself I got more involved than I thought at the beginning. Wahoo God is good!!!

JULY 2012 | Mon 25 Mar 2013

Shammila |

Exceeded my expectations even as a Christian. The lunch time and evening talks made me think about what my priorities should be. The take away packs were great.

MARCH 2012 | Mon 25 Mar 2013

Chris Jeffries |

I have found the whole day extremely fulfilling. Thought provoking, life is too busy to step back ordinarily and just think.

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